Friday, March 23, 2012

The Crown Goes to.....Corona!!

The future
Yesterday the U.S. Under-23 Men’s team dominated a Cuban team with minimal skill and experience.  Capitalism was in full effect as the boys capitalized on almost all of their chances in front of the Cuban goal (Sorry, I could not resist the capitalist-communist metaphor.).

I know that this was a very young inexperienced Cuban team that, it’s probably safe to say, half of the players on the field did not have soccer on their minds, rather defection, but this is still a good sign for the U.S. system.  I will explain.  In the past I have seen U.S. teams struggle against these miniscule teams.  To come up with a result that, after comparing both teams, should be the outcome, is refreshing to me.   No more of these 1-0 wins or 1-1 ties to these week teams.  It’s about time the U.S. teams’ play with no mercy.  This hunger and intensity that these young players demonstrated went against the general belief that the world has of how U.S. soccer is played

.  Is he gonna stay?

One of these hungry players was Joe Corona.  Who is Joe Corona?  Tijuana has a soccer team?  Is this kid American?  He's played in a friendly for the Mexican national team, our bitter southern rivals?  Where are his loyalties?  These are the questions that came to my mind.  He was born in California to a Mexican father and an El Salvadorian mother.  He could actually play for three teams.  In the latest Behind the Crest episode on he said:
This is something as a child I would see myself doing.  I was eligible to play for   Mexico, I went to a friendly game...I feel part of the U.S., I'm American, I was born in the U.S.  It's just such an honor to be here.

Am I convinced of his loyalty?  Your gonna have to wait for me to answer that.  Hopefully his three goals last night and the part he plays on this team will be the deciding factor to stay with the U.S. National team. 

Agudelo, Shea, Diskerud and the forever 21 Freddy Adu are all on fire.  The freedom that head coach Caleb Porter gives them on the field complements all these players because they are the type of players that enjoy taking their opponents on. 

The tournament is far from over. They play Canada on Saturday at 6 p.m. CT.  The game can be watched dollar and virus free at 


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